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Cindy Cox

In her transcendent Hierosgamos: Studies in Harmony and Resonance (2003), Cindy Cox uses the ancient Greek concept of the “hierosgamos” to unify two characteristics of the piano that on first glance seem very different: its tremendous capacity for resonance and a percussive, primarily motoric texture in this large scale set of seven etudes.

The recording opens with another work focused on harmony and resonance, The blackbird whistling/Or just after. With special pedaling techniques the piece creates sympathetic vibrations in a kind of aura surrounding the overall sound. In the third and last work in this collection, Playing a round (2008), two pianos engage in a witty dialog and stream of musical jokes that play with imitative textures and tuneful canons.


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This release is a part of an ongoing series of albums from ArpaViva Recordings that celebrates piano: in Hierosgamos (2017), by Cindy Cox - the piano at its resonant and percussive best; the power blasting sequencer in Phantasmagoria (2016), by Michael ZT Rose; and the vibrating glove and live improvisation in Kosmogonia (2012), by Victoria Jordanova.

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