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Stéphane Furic-Leibovici
Innerland – AV 005CD

Almut Kühne – soprano
Samuel Blaser – trombone
Christophe Schweizer – bass trombone

INNERLAND is a story about a journey. The travelogue of this journey reads like a voyage of a fragmented psyche through the paysage of dreams.

—Victoria Jordanova 

Entirely acoustic, INNERLAND was flawlessly recorded in one take at the famous Funkhaus Berlin in Kammersaal (Saal 3) in July 2014.

In this beautifully written composition in a traditional sense, Stéphane Furic-Leibovici borrows the arresting voice of Almut Kühne to tell us an eerie story: a tale of love, perhaps of a great lost love. It is an account of being lost in and wandering through the interior landscape of one’s heart, searching for the path that leads back to the outside world.

Stéphane Furic-Leibovici & Almut Kühne

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